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Saturday, 18 May 2013

My Mr.Right

Today..I got new idea for my new entry..
About my Mr.Right..

I'm always pray..
"Oh Allah please show me if his the right guy for me..
If his the right guy for me just open my heart to accept him..
But if not I'm redha with Your will"

Not long ago..
I'm wrote a story of  "Waiting for someone" for my first entry..
 Therefore today..I want share it with everyone that..
This is the ending of my waiting..

"Everyone in this world want to love and to be loved"
Same goes to me..
My heart said his the right guy for me..
And I'm very sure his the person that Allah created for me..

His the first guy that make me always miss him..
Waiting for his text everyday..

There is no reasons why you are so special to me..
There is no reason why I love you..

To me the answers is one..Allah was open my heart to you..
Therefore please take care of me and my heart..
Do you know why??
Because it not easy for me to open my heart to accepts you..
And now..
There is no one in this world can take your place..

Lastly..I'm sending this love letter to you..
My dear 'Adam'..
You don't have to be rich for me to love you..
You don't have to drive a BMW to be gorgeous..
But I'm just want you to be my Imam..


Mia Liana said...

mr right memang idaman kita... ;)

Shikin Isa said...

Betul..betul..betul.. mcm upin Ipin ckp ^_^