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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Terima Kasih Semua ^_^


Today I want to say thank you to all my family, my lectures, my friends and my Smiley..

Thank you for give me a support when I'm fell down..
There are too much pain to bear when I'm alone..
 I'm not a person who can handle a problem myself..
 I'm not a person who love to be alone..
 I  need others to accompany me..
I need others to calm me when i'm crying..
I need others to hearing my problems and solve them together..

There are too many memories..
The happiness and the sadness..
But people said " Happiness is the challenges, and Sadness will make us strong"

To my family..
"Thank you for always being there to remind me what is right and 
what is wrong" 

To my friends..
"You are stars to me.
Even I can't always see you,but I know you are there,
and you a shine brightness when all seems dark.
Thank you for being my friend.."

Lastly To my Smiley..
"Thank you for standing by my side when times get hard..
 thank you for making me laugh when I did not even want to smile..
Loving you soooo much"


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